Hydraulic winch transmission technology in the lifting

Published: 08th September 2010
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Used for the current domestic market of electric hoist winch easy to produce spark flawed in some dangerous situations and harsh environments with a hydraulic drive winch. As the reduction of the generated electric sparks of the components, using the winch hydraulic drive with strong security, reliability good, also has a smooth operation, Anzhuang use features such as a gas primarily used, the Mei Kuang Wei Xian coal dust explosion underground, as lifting and lowering personnel, coal and transport materials, machinery and equipment.

Now widely used in China Coal Mine JK, JT, JS and other models hoist low prevalence of explosion-proof performance, high energy consumption, operation complexity, cooling difficulties, poor performance and the speed too much ancillary equipment, such as negative factors. On the application of the hydraulic drive winch on the crane, lifting it high requirements for the occasion. Hydraulic winch in heavy lifting and harsh environments than the motor-driven winch to superiority.

Characteristics and scope of application of gearbox electric hoist is due to traditional motor-driven device, so electric hoist on the acetylene gas, water and gas and hydrogen gases such as mine following gas explosion would not achieve the role, even if there is explosion-proof devices, when used electric hoist the lifting operations, the field will penetrate some of flammable and explosive gas contactor electric hoist on the explosion-proof junction box, causing a strong explosion, causing a major accident.

As the electric hoist the shortcomings in its structure based on the need to design a new type of hydraulic winch. Winch for the change with the speed controlled by the electric hydraulic control, a level speed improvement for the stepless speed control, it can effectively compensate for electric hoist in the use of flaws.

As a result of the pressure oil hydraulic winch drive, electronic control system is simple, easy to solve the explosive problem, especially in the high-gas coal mine environment, explosion-proof performance is very reliable, high requirements for lifting the occasion. Through a number of standard components and compact design, speed smooth, easy operation, it has been applied in industrial production. Because hydraulic overload protection, hydraulic winch has a strong security and reliability. So, in an explosive harsh environments more than the traditional advantages of electric drive winch.

Hydraulic winch hydraulic winch design methods can be divided according to the Transmission full hydraulic transmission and hydraulic - mechanical transmission 2. About the Author is hydraulic - mechanical transmission of the hydraulic winch, which by the hydraulic motor, multi-disc friction brake, planetary gear reducer, drum, and support other components. Hydraulic winch winch brought the balance valve to prevent both body weight because of work and whereabouts, but also stability of the raise or lower the winch. The working principle of the hydraulic winch is high-speed axial piston hydraulic motors through planetary gear reducer, and then driven winch drum. Hydraulic winch is, reverse the direction by control valves to achieve, winch speed by changing pump oil input to the hydraulic motor to adjust the size to achieve the purpose of lifting.

Hydraulic winch hydraulic winch mechanical structure of the mechanical part of the winch and the general similarity, multi-disc friction brake, planetary gear reducer, drum, and support components such as the composition of other components. Hydraulic winch is used in mobile devices, in line with the principles of light and small size, preliminary design, basically the length of size between 321 ~ 340mm. Axial size of about 240mm. Winch speed reducer. Designed for the two kinds of reducer reducer used in tandem, one is disc-shaped structure of planetary bodies, their ratio is 23:1, the other is the gourd structure, its ratio to 3515: 1. Therefore, its aim to achieve two: First, to achieve slow, so that the operating speed winch has a limitation and is easy to control; the second is to enhance the torque on the winch winch Qudong, so winch in practical work have enough torque drive Jiaopan work.

Winch design forms: winch system is square <10mm 30mm lifting chain-specific form, which section diameter 791137mm.

Since most of the winch is used vertically, if the change in the level or the level of working conditions similar to the work, there may have stuck phenomena link, so do anti-link chain ring in the prevention of death designed to ensure hydraulic winch in the normal use of mobile devices.

Hydraulic winch hydraulic winch hydraulic system from the power source part of the hydraulic system, the implementation of components, control components and auxiliary components composition. Because the hydraulic winch for mobile mining machinery, mining machinery is moved by the hydraulic source as dynamic, so the hydraulic power source on this is no longer considered that the mining machine itself can provide sufficient hydraulic power source; use high-speed axial piston hydraulic motors as actuators, the hydraulic system main circuit shown in Figure 3.

Hydraulic motor system leaks oil to return to the tank, winch into the oil circuit overpressure protection to be conducted, when the pressure of oil output, the supply of hydraulic motors, hydraulic motor to clockwise rotation, the high pressure oil line and pressure to protect connected Low oil line leak and hydraulic motor oil line connected; when the hydraulic motor driven winch winch counterclockwise rotation, control of hydraulic oil hydraulic motor just alternate the two, that the original high-pressure tubing into low-voltage low-pressure oil line to complete the above asphalt work, the original low-pressure oil line into the high pressure of the high pressure to complete the work mentioned above.

Therefore, only consider the leakage of hydraulic motor and hydraulic motor oil and back pressure conversion in both directions when the two oil line conversion logic and the logic of a very important relationship, that of hydraulic motor overload protection. This design principle is to be processed into a block and logic, allows the introduction of low pressure leak oil through the valve chamber. When the change in import and export flow direction, the motor reversal, in this moment, to a signal to change its direction, to ensure the oil leakage can lead to low pressure chamber. In order to reduce the size and weight of manifold block, the selected valve in the form of threaded cartridge valves.

Winch winch brake system is the safe operation of critical systems, the hydraulic system pressure valve control hydraulic brake circuit. Winch brake master pump switch control system, solenoid valve, only when the main winch switch starts the pump motor can be electric solenoid valve, the brake oil circuit, or brake oil circuit through the solenoid valve and the bypass throttle back to zero. However, the implementation of the emergency brake solenoid valve power winch, the brake can not return to zero, the brakes can not be achieved brake, and brake oil pressure inside the tank will not be able to return to the fuel tank, to prevent this from happening , we established a motorized valve, the operation of the driver applied the emergency brake. The braking system is on overload and decentralization put heavy braking deceleration adjustment fixed function, respectively, can guarantee a raise does not Matsunawa overload, but also ensure the decentralization of overloading, to meet the safety regulations of the reduced speed.

The hydraulic drive technology for lifting winch, it has good explosion-proof performance, high torque, slow stable, safe and reliable, in a methane and coal dust explosion hazards and other dangerous coal mine occasions The application will be more extensive.

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